Why Pinnacle?

image00032.jpgWhy Choose Pinnacle Homes?

“We can guarantee you a quality product”!! Here-we-go-again … you’ve heard this one before. They all seem to be reading from the same script. As one of today’s informed and intelligent new home buyers, the stale cliches, the half baked smiles, the tired handshakes, and the same old dull house plans that are squeezed onto flat treeless cookie cutter lots with straight-line streets are just not enough to win you over. You want more. And, being the smart buyer you are, you can have more.

Ask yourself. Are we just getting lip service here, or do these people really have something to offer that distinguishes them from all the other builders out there? What makes them stand out from the rest of the crowd? Is there something so special and so unique about Pinnacle Homes that we should choose them above all of the others? Let us show you why the answer to that question is a clear and unequivocal YES!

We are not just another “here today, gone tomorrow” building company. Pinnacle Homes has been in business since 1995 and is committed to informing, educating, and serving you; our clients, during the building process as well as giving you a new home with lasting value. High standards, organization, and coordinated efficient teamwork are vital components of the Pinnacle Homes building process.

Buying a new home is probably the most important purchase decision that you will ever make. You can expect more than a quality product from Pinnacle Homes. You can expect rock solid assurance that the process of building your new home and your years of living there will be an enjoyable experience.

We accept the responsibility of making sure that you understand what to expect in both the product and process of building your new home. We don’t forget about you when the contract is signed and then hand you the keys upon completion. Our customer involvement process makes you, the buyer, an active and informed part of the build right from the start.

The large majority of today’s smart new home buyers make their purchase decisions based not just on price, but on a clear determination to get true value for their hard earned dollars. They recognize that when it comes to buying a new home, that buying cheap is not buying smart. They understand that in the big picture, quality and ~ true value go hand in hand. True value; what does that mean for you?

  • True value means that you know you are paying a fair price for your new home in your market area.
  • True value means that you are totally confident that your home is constructed to the highest standards by the most skilled craftsmen in the area using name brand products from manufacturers with a reputation, and a track record, of standing behind their products.
  • True value means that you are assured that everything is done properly, and to
    specifications, the first time.
  • True value means that the things that are supposed to happen, do happen, and they happen when they are supposed to happen.
  • True value means that you are receiving the best possible service and attention throughout the entire building process.
  • True value means that your builder will be available, willing, and able to satisfy any construction related problems that might arise after you move into your new home.
  • True value means intelligent land planning and architectural design with a use of exterior and interior space that serves a wide range of practical personal needs.
  • True value means that you can feel comfortable that your new home will protect the investment you have made.
  •  True value means that you have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your decision to build with Pinnacle Homes gives you satisfaction, pleasure, contentment, and security each and every day that you call it your home.